DAY 17: Caffeinated Brain Malfunction.

I am keeping up despite my brain refusing to work without a coffee hit. I knew it was a bad idea going over my ration yesterday. Years of coffee bean abuse has made me super-sensitive to caffeine. It’s so yummy, roasted, crazy-brain fuel! I was good and only added 1 spoon of coffee to my vanilla-mocha. It’s got cocoa and milk in it, so that will help me sleep-right? (Sensible Me: ‘No.’)

Word check-keeping up with target today= success.

Sanity check-Two people in my head having a conversation (both say they are me, but think one must be lying) =fail.

today’s word-count: 1751


DAY 16: Words, Coffee and Frodo Baggins

Yay! I’ve finally caught up and am on target.

Thanks to:

Buddies in chat-room, facebook group and forums for all their support.

MLs for daily motivating / inspiring posts.

Caffeine-too much today. Yummy gingerbread and hazelnut flavoured syrups make it even more addictive.

Alcohol. A ‘few’ (yes, that means 6) shots of liqueur. I’m tea-total myself (And if you believe that…), but The Muse is partial to the mango-lime one.

Heavy Metal. Bloodstock festival makes great background music for writing my bog- (that’s marshland, not toilet) -monster scenes.

(I’m only slightly annoyed that WordPress managed to delete my previously saved post halfway through writing.)

Total word-count:26801
Today’s word-count: 3753

DAY 14 & 15: Death-threats With A Slice Of Cake

Sorry I didn’t stay awake to write blog yesterday. My word count did not progress as much as I hoped (around 1743 words), but I wrote something and didn’t get any further behind.

Despite my ML & co-ML playing good-cop/ bad-cop with me, I didn’t quite make it to the 18500 words I needed to evade a vampire and earn a slice of cake. So I called it a night at 18000.

As the Week 2 Blues go, this year hasn’t been too bad. While I haven’t had the burst of inspiration I felt in week 1, I have still felt motivated to write. I have been going through the motions; churning out words which I hate before they leave my mind to sully the page, writing superfluous scenes which I know will not make cut, but are all I can think of to write at the time.

Unlike previous years, I haven’t fallen out of love with my story. What I have fallen out of love with, is the story I am writing, which is nothing as exciting, well written and believable as the story which is in my head. So I have been picking at scenes around the edges, rambling about the scenery instead of getting into the action. I want to save my favourite scenes for when I’m back on my game, when I can appreciate them and do them justice.

I am now 1 day behind on my word-count. So, an extra 1667 words tomorrow? No problem!
No matter what happens there’s plenty of cake to be enjoyed.

words today:4987
total word-count:23048

Early To Bed…

I may not hit the target for today, but that’s okay. My priority is to get my sleep pattern back in order. At the moment I’m getting to sleep too late, near midnight too many times & then waking up before the 5:30 alarm but hibernating in bed until (or on occasions gone half past) 6am which is too late to fit in writing and everything else I need to do before work.

I work best first thing in the morning: Early. Since my final year of study (a couple of years ago) I am in the habit of burning the candle at both ends. What had been the occasional late night to meet a deadline for an assignment turned into a regular thing, so I ended up constant sleep deficit.

If I want to regain a manageable schedule for writing after nano I need to crack this and get back into my old sleep pattern of bed before 10pm & out of bed 5:30am latest.

Not sure what words I’ll hit today. No matter what priority is sleep (if the damn annoying cough I’ve got doesn’t keep waking me up as it has been).

today’s word-count: 764

DAY 12: Under a Vampiric Thrall

Today I have managed to write my 1667 words. I tried to go it alone at first; just me and the blank page with no internet or other distractions. I wanted to get into that fantastic heady euphoria of being completely immersed in the story, feel the characters as if they are real; that sweet place where the words seem to write themselves. With distractions of other people wanting my time, and persistent fits of coughing from some bug I picked up at work,I just couldn’t get there.

So I went back on the chat-room, which is turning out to be my salvation this month. I started out just using Timmy (the chat-bot) to set some timed word-wars/sprints for me, but soon I found myself chatting with fellow wrimos. While my writing-high never did come to pass, I got more words written and progressed the plot. Even though I felt as if I was plodding along, while others sprinted towards an early 50K, cheering them on made me more enthusiastic about my own work. Thanks to writers both local and from the other side of the Atlantic for motivation, fun and more than a pinch of craziness this afternoon.

On a darker note a Mother Of All Vampires (my ML) has set her vampire minions out to get me. 5K by the end of tonight? Ha-ha! That’s soo not happening. In my present state of mind I am quite happy to succumb to some tall dark vampire (as long as he isn’t one of those near-adolescent sparkly ones) and let him sink his pointy teeth into my neck. At least then I will have all eternity to polish my writing credentials. Plus I can bare my fangs to scare away the Evil Inner Editor who’s whispering in my ear.

1727 words today

DAY 11: Swimming Against The Current

After yesterday’s epic fail I had hoped to catch up at my local write-in, but sadly the veggie burger and chips did nothing to feed my inspiration.

I got home and onto the chat-room for a few word-wars. I have managed to complete yesterday’s scene, though I feel it is one of those that will end up being radically cut once I get round to editing, as much was filler.

I usually write in sequence; I feel sinful cherry-picking the most exciting scenes. Also, it can be problematic if I later deviate from the plot in earlier scenes. My characters often have a mind of their own often taking my story off on a tangent if they don’t agree with what I’ve planned out for them. Which is both exciting and annoying when I have to alter things to fit in with the new direction the story has taken, or to try and get back on my original plot line.

So, yesterday I was feeling a little uninspired so thought I would write a later scene (or earlier as it was planned as a flash-back) to change things up a gear. It didn’t turn out to be as fun to write as I had expected, so I am back to my usual strategy.

1458 words today