DAY 11: Swimming Against The Current

After yesterday’s epic fail I had hoped to catch up at my local write-in, but sadly the veggie burger and chips did nothing to feed my inspiration.

I got home and onto the chat-room for a few word-wars. I have managed to complete yesterday’s scene, though I feel it is one of those that will end up being radically cut once I get round to editing, as much was filler.

I usually write in sequence; I feel sinful cherry-picking the most exciting scenes. Also, it can be problematic if I later deviate from the plot in earlier scenes. My characters often have a mind of their own often taking my story off on a tangent if they don’t agree with what I’ve planned out for them. Which is both exciting and annoying when I have to alter things to fit in with the new direction the story has taken, or to try and get back on my original plot line.

So, yesterday I was feeling a little uninspired so thought I would write a later scene (or earlier as it was planned as a flash-back) to change things up a gear. It didn’t turn out to be as fun to write as I had expected, so I am back to my usual strategy.

1458 words today


DAY 9: Done some Writing.

I am still around 2K behind, but have written todays quota after a walk in the park with my Granddaughter and cooking Sunday roast for the whole family.

Hopefully I can be more organised this coming week and get some writing done before work to avoid having to stay up late to catch up.

Here’s hoping I can avoid the notorious week 2 blues.

Word-count today: 1703 words

DAY 8: Ups and Downs

Today I unexpectedly managed to catch some time between a trip to Play Barn and playing with teddy bears to catch up on yesterday’s words. Don’t judge me; my granddaughter did join in the fun. So I have now got my (virtual) nanowrimo badge for hitting 10K.

Honestly, I did intend to put in a few more words towards today’s target. I decided to catch up on my social media accounts first, but that ended up being a time vortex into failure. I need to tidy up my facebook feed in particular; the number of notifications I’m getting is just stupid.

Enough with that already. So I’m still behind, but there’s no need to panic. According to the handy nano stats I only need 1,725 words per day to finish on time (that’s if I didn’t plan to catch up already).

nb: I did not manage to write anything before Granddaughter woke up this morning as she was wide awake at 5:30am.

Words written today: 884 words

Total Word-count: 10326 words

DAY 7: Damage Limitation

Okay, so I haven’t accomplished the full word-count for today. Considering I am on Granny Duty, I don’t think 915 words is too bad. The little monkey didn’t go to bed until gone 9pm, then I still had dog* to walk (*singular as my other dog is still too petrified from fireworks to set a paw outside once it starts to get dark), tea to make for ‘the other half’ and laundry to put in the wash.

Hoping if I get up early enough tomorrow morning I’ll be able to get some writing done before the little one wakes up.

Important advice which I almost forgot to take; update your word-count daily (especially if your region is in a word-war against other regions)

Total word-count: 9442 words

DAY 6: Treading water.

I did have a proper blog planned, but it’s past my bedtime already so here’s another quickie.

I had a late start on writing tonight, but got today’s word-count sorted thanks to some more sprints in chat-room.

I’m a day’s words short from missing yesterday, but at least not falling any further behind.

My plan for now is to at least write 1667 daily target until I start feeling better (and after weekend as Granddaughter will be staying over)

total word-count: 8527