BOOK REVIEW-The Secret King-First Contact-Dawn Chapman

The Secret King - First ContactThe Secret King – First Contact by Dawn Chapman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading the first book of The Secret King Trilogy, I was excited to find out what happened to Kendro and his people. I was not disappointed. This sequel has even more explosive action, political intrigue, romance, and betrayal.
As the Aonise make first contact with the humans that inhabit the planet earth, which they hope to make their new home, we are introduced to a host of new, human characters some friendly, some not so accepting of the new refugees. Kendro and his people strive to establish a base on the new world, helped by some familiar allies and new friends, while continuing to negotiate their own society’s conflicts and their personal lives. Most of the Aonise want to make friends with the human residents, and build bridges with those who want them to leave. Some have a much different, darker agenda.
While this space opera has the fantastic elements of aliens with strange powers, and futuristic technology, the tensions and bonds between the two species are believable and realistic, and the characters are well rounded and empathetic.
I especially liked the interrelationships between human and Aonise characters, which highlighted the similarities and differences between the two species.
I was happy that some of my favourite characters got to explore and thrive in this new world, discovering new friends and strange customs (having a pint). There were also heartbreaking moments which left me shocked. The ending was bitter sweet but satisfying. Now need to know what happens next!

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