Hailing from the flat lands of the East Anglian fens, and being a fan of all things dark and heavy when it comes to music, I was excited to check out this Polish band Seven Main Sins, now based in my home county of Cambridgeshire.

Returning in 2012 from a 6 year hiatus since the release of their 2005 demo, their sound and song writing has developed into what they like to term Dark Metal. The band describe their sound as circling between black and death metal.

Their latest offerings combine the heaviness of death metal, and the gloomy atmospherics of black metal. The song writing has switched to English language, which is very fluent and fits well into the heavy but complex music.

Tracks such as Evocation’ , cut the female vocals, and focus on a more brutal sound. Though still keeping the melodic elements of their earlier work. Military style drum beats, switch and meld with monstrous deep growling vocals. While ‘Cemetery of accursed souls’ from upcoming album ‘In the Shadow of Death’ has a catchy dirge-like groove, interwoven with a doom-laden baseline, and technical guitar playing. The high production quality is more in keeping with the polished offerings of Dimmu Borgir  and Satyricon, than the grittier sound of Bathory.

Earlier work, from their first release “Demo A.D. 2005”, which was well received both on the internet and independent zines, is more symphonic. In ‘Kamienna tablica’ sweeping piano & string sections writhe through machine-gun drumming, and rumbling bass. Songs such as ‘Anoil Swiatla’ juxtapose classical female vocals with demonic growling, reminiscent of Dimmu Borgir, or Cradle of Filth. The polish lyrics adding to the ethereal, dark atmosphere.

I’m happy to report, that after playing several concerts with big names in polish metal music (Christ Agony, Turbofor their demo in 2005-2006, Seven Main Sins are now back on the live scene. Recently performing at Metal to the Masses in E.B.G.B.S – Liverpool, and Sempiternal Festival, and with possibly of a set at 2018 Heavy Scotland Festival .

With Seven Main Sins’ new full length album “In The Shadow Of Death”, (scheduled release late autumn 2017) also imminent, I look forward to hearing more, and perhaps catching them live if I’m down their way or if they stumble anywhere near Lancashire.

Whether you love the brutality of Autopsy, the grooves of Bolt Thrower, or the high orchestral bombast of Dimmu Borgir, you should definitely give this upcoming band a listen.




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