Music review-MonochRomantic-Munro

I found this band through one of those late night youtube video trails, which lead along a meandering path of recommended viewings to unexpected places of the interweb.

I discovered Munro through the lead singer Jake Munro’s  partner, youtuber Toxic Tears  (they also have a brilliant gaming channel Metal Ass Gaming ).

I listen to a diverse range of music within the metal genre, from the symphonic melodies of Nightwish, classics like Iron Maiden , to the darker extremes such as Cradle of Filth, along with more obscure black metal and folk metal. One genre I have not really explored is Djent.

Jake Munro composes and performs incidental music as background to his daily vlogs, which I liked. This made me curious to check out his band’s music, so I added their debut album MonochRomantic on my spotify playlist while I did my morning workout.

The band’s music has enough of a heavy baseline and growling vocals to appeal to my metal taste . Technical Complexity which are typical of the Djent genre. While having catchy melodies to appeal to those who like their metal more mainstream. Most unique is the discordant, dissonant tones (I’m no musician, so am unsure if those are the right terms) which which give an edge to the music, adding another layer to the sound.

The production is good too, especially for an upcoming, independent band. I am glad I diversified from my musical comfort zone. I would highly recommend giving Munro a listen.

Munro have since competed in Bloodstock Metal to the Masses roadshow, which was their first live performance, and are in process of releasing their second album. I am looking forward to hearing how their sound has developed, and to hear some more great music.