60 Day Minimalist Challenge Week 9


Since I don’t have a dishwasher, I already spend 20 minutes each day just doing the dishes & making sure all kitchen surfaces are hygienic. Other than that I’m a bit of a slob when it comes to housework. Unless the carpet is obliterated under a rug of dog fur, I’ll leave it until the end of the week to vacuum. I prefer to dedicate a few hours one morning (I always get up early) to completely blitz the house, so everything’s clean at once (even if not for very long). If I keep picking at single chores during the week, any effort feels futile;things get messed up as soon as I turn my back, so the house never looks tidy.


I had written out a provisional budget, using this guide: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/banking/Budget-planning

After an unusually busy month where I have had more expenses for days out, vets bills and travel expenses than usual, I need to get back on track. I plan to be better prepared for next year, though with the dreaded C-mas (25 December) getting scarily closer, we’ll have to see.


  1. time with family

  2. health

  3. supportive friends

  4. books

  5. internet- ability to keep in touch with family and friends, access information, and fun stuff

  6. music

  7. writing- the monsters in my mind are both terrifying and companions

  8. coffee

  9. a job (that it doesn’t suck is a bonus)

  10. NHS

  11. peace, democracy (latter can be double-edged sword -don’t mention Brexit)

  12. ability to learn

  13. nature- walks, peaceful

  14. weekends with my grandchildren

  15. early morning walks in quiet deserted streets with dogs

  16. freedom to travel

  17. sunshine -it makes me happy (stops S.A.D)

  18. household appliances-what a mess I’d be in without my Dyson or washing machine

  19. Utilities-not having to walk miles for a bucket of water is awesome

  20. TIME- most vital resource; yes, it is wasted on the young; or rather they know how to enjoy it, while we adults get better at filling it with boring stuff



I plan to focus on things I haven’t quite managed from previous goals, plus a few new ones for the next 6 months (starting September).

I feel I need to make a more visible list/ visual display of goals somewhere prominent, so I can keep them in mind everyday. I wrote previous goals in the back of my diary, then promptly forgot about them being there.


do 3 pull-ups/ chin-ups with perfect form


get back in black


Tolkien Walk.


write and edit my next (2016) NanoWrimo novel

The final four days of the challenge have helped me step back and assess what I have achieved so far throughout the challenge, as well as help motivate me to my next steps on my way to minimalism.

The cleaning task, made me realise that some things work better for me the way I’m already doing them; I don’t need to rigidly follow a plan to the letter just for the sake of it.

My budget planning was successful, but in practice not so good. Life isn’t perfect and I can only do what I can. I realised when I wasn’t not doing so well, and am going to take the time to refocus and get back on track, rather than beating myself up over it.

Thinking of things to be grateful for cheered me up. It helps me see positive in any situation, and to focus on how to solve problems, rather than be pessimistic and get stuck in a negative thought-cycle.

Looking back at my previous goals, I have had mixed results in my achievements :

At 41 I finally managed to do my first ever chin-up (reverse grip) a couple of months ago. I can just about do a pull-up (over-hand grip) too.

Budgeting has been an issue, have had to make adjustments for unexpected outgoings and days out. I have now got a permanent promotion at work, which will help long term.

I still haven’t been walking much, not having time to walk to work due to helping out family. I do walk at weekends, but other than a stroll around the park with family before Sunday dinner, it’s getting from A to B in town; not mindful walking in the countryside. I visited nature reserves and parks a few times on days out with the family, and have started organising the Tolkien Walk; still need to set a date.

My editing has been a failure, and my writing sporadic; mainly free-writes and writing-group exercises. I’m getting the fun back into my writing with NaNoWrimo  this November.


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