60 Day Minimalist Challenge Week 6


Since my phone is now properly broken and now only letting me make and receive phone-calls (like back in the old days) there’s nothing much I can do with the few photos I’d saved on it. I will see if I can get data off it once I’ve sorted a replacement. While it would be useful to be able to text, I’m liking the simplicity of not being online while I’m out & about.

Since previously cleared my hard-drive all digital photos are either on dvds or stored online, so my laptop is virtually clear. I do plan to go through old photographs at some point and chose some to print off to either frame or make a photo album, possibly to gift. That will be something to do in autumn/ winter when it’s cold and dark, for the moment I’m making the most of the sunshine.


More like clear out the spider cupboard.

Image result for scared of spider

I’ve been putting this off as the cupboard under the stairs is home to a monster spider. I felt like Frodo venturing into Shelob’s lair. Harry Potter didn’t have this problem.

I got there in the end, sorting through the clutter in short bursts where I tried not to let my eyes focus too closely for fear of seeing one of eight-legged fiends, interspersed with giving myself pep-talks. The longer I delved without seeing a spider, the more convinced I was that they must be lurking in what ever box or bag I was about to open.

As it turned out, I didn’t have too much junk in there. Some reorganisation has made it easier to find things in the future.

Though I’m not sure if not finding any spiders is reassuring or worry, as they may be elsewhere in the house.

I’ve also organised the cupboard in the kitchen that was a dumping ground for miscellaneous junk, plus my ‘man drawer’ (the resting place of dead batteries, broken gadgets, buttons and dried out biros). Most of that has been relocated to its correct place, thrown out or put into the garage for my next recycling centre trip.

The ‘dog cupboard’ is now tidy, and now free of old chewed up stuffed toys that had been breeding moths. I still have both my dogs’ puppy collars, there’s so many sentimental items I’m not ready to let go of.


Ever the multitasker (lazy), I did another cull whilst packing away autumn/ winter clothing. A little late (June) , but you never can tell with British weather; plus, I’d been waiting to replace the old vacuum bags I’d thrown in the last cull.

I managed to get rid of another bag full (mainly worn/ damaged). Now I’m short on clothes so will have to force myself to do a shop. I still have a couple of scruffy items, but it’s always handy to have some for when dyeing hair or decorating.


I went through these before I started the challenge. Since I now listen to music online (spotify), any CDs I’ve kept are more sentimental items/ collector’s editions. I don’t have many dvds as I rarely watch anything twice. I have sorted a few cds and dvds to sell, though not sure about Amazon’s new sellers account, which seems confusing compared to their old system.


I am still unsure about doing this. I can see it would be more convenient than a file full of paper receipts (not that I have many; any paperwork is mainly agreements and documents). I’m not convinced all companies­ would accept scanned copies. I still have a box of paper work from last couple of years which I need to sort through and shred/ file. Perhaps I’ll give it a go in the future.


I had been in a mild depressive slump where I’m not feeling motivated, but unable switch off. I have been listening to a guided meditation , but most of the time my mind’s racing, stressing about all the stuff I need to do.

I find it easier to think while I’m walking, even if it’s contemplating ideas for my next story, though again I have been too rushed to have the extra time to walk to work. I miss being able to walk my dogs for miles, now they’re getting old I stay close to home as one of them is struggling to get to the park about 500 yards each way. 


Does watching tv count? After work, once I’ve gone shopping, walked dogs, cooked and eaten dinner, I’m just ready to slump in front of the goggle box and nod off ( Charlie Dimmock’s gardening program is quite relaxing).

Perhaps I should do more pilates to relax? I could do with stretching some more. Though I’d rather spend 1 hour watching Game of Thrones, or reading a book (if only my eyes weren’t too tired).

Yes, I know I’m flagging, but I refuse to fail. While it’s been hit and miss with some of the challenges, I have tried most things. I’m needing some advice (see video below) to get out of this slump/ fatigue / recent heatwave lethargy, so I can give myself a final push towards the finish these next 2-3 weeks. 


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