60 Day Minimalist Challenge. Week 1


For my wardrobe this is easy; Black. My love of black probably came about due to an early love of The Munsters, The Addams Family and Hammer Horror, though I’m too lazy to do full out Gothic; my style is more casual.


Defining my home style is a little more tricky. while minimalist style looks good in home interior magazines, I really couldn’t live with it (though I do love  clean, 0ff-white walls).

As much as I’d love to live in a medieval Gothic-styled rambling house, with high ceilings and skeleton chandeliers draped in cobwebs, in reality black is the worst colour for showing the slightest speck of dust. I hate dusting.


My current style is more shabby shabby than shabby chic; a mix of cheap new flat-pack furniture better quality second, third… hand-me-downs. Looking at my favourite pieces;   simple white bookcases; an old solid wood writing bureau; and a modern brown fabric sofa, I think an eclectic mix of modern and vintage, in black, white & natural tones would be achievable.

Now I just need to replace the horrendous yellow dogs’ sofa that’s 90% duct tape.




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