60 Day Minimalist Challenge Week 1 (cont.)


DAY2// LIST DOWN 20 ESSENTIAL ITEMS FOR YOUR WARDROBE                                              

Paring down my wardrobe to 20 items would be easy if I lived in Melbourne like Rachel Aust, but here in UK we have seasons, so need to have clothes for all weathers.  Also, I change my clothes at least 4 times a day, depending on where I am and what I am doing; in bed; pyjamas, walking dogs/ working out; sports clothes, work; office attire, slobbing about at home after work; sweat pants, out after work or at the weekend; casual / jeans.

I can’t deal with dress-down days at work; it feels odd, like I’m having one of those dreams when I turn up at work in my pyjamas, or worse naked. I keep trying to have a pyjama day at home, but I’m too OCD about this to spend an entire day in pyjamas, even when I’m ill and not going out of the house.

     Anyway, here’s the 20:- jeans, trousers, trousers-work, leggings, trackies, ,3/4 leggings casual cardigan,  cardigan-work, longsleeve top-work,  gym top, vest top, long sleeve top, t-shirt, hoodie, sweat shirt,  short sleeve top-work, long-line vest top, long-line long sleeve top, and perhaps a dress?


I have already established that my theme is BLACK. My reasons for this being:-

  • No need to colour coordinate

  • Quick and easy to pick an outfit; top+trousers= sorted

  • Stains not so visible (guess I’m a clumsy slob)

  • Outfit to match my soul


Sorting through my clothes, I really don’t have too many. I have culled a handful of items which don’t fit with my ‘black’ theme, a couple of things I never wear, and another few items which have worn out. If anything, I need to buy more clothes. I hate shopping so much that I wear clothes until they are worn out, but put off replacing them because… I’d have to go shopping.



Sorting through my shoe collection, I threw out a few pairs which were worn-out (skate shoes) or never worn (flip-flops), leaving 10 pairs. I don’t feel this is excessive as I have footwear for nearly all occasions and weather. My footwear is practical; I don’t own a single pair of high-heels and can’t see myself needing to inflict that pain on myself. The last time I tried on a pair I ended up looking like I was having a seizure in the middle of the shop as my arches and calf muscles cramped up in agony.

I confess, I can’t bring myself to thrown my favourite skull-print baseball boots, despite the lining being so worn they shred the back of my heels. I’ll give it 6 months and if I haven’t worn them, perhaps I can convince myself to bin them.


This was easy since I generally don’t wear jewellery, except a couple of bracelets on occasion. I’d recently thrown any broken pieces, so my only items are a few keepsakes from landmark birthdays and other gifts. While Rachel Aust has no qualms about not keeping gifted items, I do feel attached to certain things, plus I would feel bad throwing away sentimental items like this.


As I mentioned for DAY 1, given the eclectic array of existing furniture, I decided on a mix of neutrals (black, white & brown/ wood) and a mix of old and new. I’m stuck with what I have  until can afford to buy anything. I will make sure any replacement items fit with this theme.

This first week of the challenge has been helpful in getting into the minimalist mind-set; thinking about why I need or want each item, rather than just focused on throwing a load of stuff out. Each task has been simple and relatively quick. I have usually completed after a day’s work, leaving the more time consuming tasks for the weekend. I am feeling enthusiastic for Week 2.


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