End of Campnanowrimo & my boring Saturday.

Aargh! Where has this year gone already? I must be getting old.

Well, July has now past & my novel is still one hot mess. Seems I have been in a fug all month, overwhelmed with the horrific amount of editing and rewriting needed to get my long neglected (2005?) novel into some sort of order.

As the sparkly new month of August  begins I have decided to  shrug off the failure to reach my 50K editing goal for Campnanowrimo & start afresh. Yep, again… again… again. I’ve rebooted more times than my old Windows XP lcraptop.

I plan to get back to waking early enough to get some morning pages/ editing done (5:30 latest to give me time for all dog walking, washing dishes & work-out activities before work). My first task- in-hand is getting the Campnano project edited. I am hoping my rewrite has at least been a step forward & I can use the great advice from Bridge to Story to get it properly polished.

Well, there’s my plans. I didn’t mean to write this blog post, it sprouted from a rant I  decided was too boring to post on facebook.

Random Ramble follows:

Feels like I’ve such an unproductive day. I didn’t get up until gone 7:30am!!! Not sure why dogs didn’t nuzzle me out of bed earlier for their morning walk.

Did usual Saturday Body-Blast workout. I don’t have time nor money for the gym, so just making do with at home. I started weight/ strength training a couple of months ago, as I was feeling like a crazy blancmange after resting a rib injury for 6 weeks (flabby and insane, as lack of activity seems to affect my mental state worst). No extreme sport activity to blame-only extreme coughing after a bout of flu).

I went shopping (my most hated chore after ironing). Tried not to get stressed that clothes &  walking shoes I needed were either not on offer any more or not in my size. At least my hunt for a stock pot was rewarded, though meant drive to Squires Gate after unsuccessful trip into town.

I have been doing some writing research/ motivational viewing. Yes, I confess, I’ve been watching youtube all evening-while ordering stuff online that I couldn’t get on shopping trip (so got something done ).


Here’s me failing to get to sleep at reasonable time for an early morning start ( tomorrow is Sunday. so all is not lost)


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