First week in February=FAIL

Recap on my week:

books read =0 I chose  my TBR list for month.

editing done =0 Read through zombie story, made mental note of edits needed, got all depressed & stressed over it.

writing done=2 pages/ days I tried to stop obsessing about ‘stuff’, which then leaked into my writing.

work=one day off (plus half-day I’d already booked) and I wasn’t exactly employee of the month/ fully present in mind or body (many breaks & nearly falling asleep at my desk) when I was there.

exercise= 0  I wasn’t feeling too well, I gave it a miss. Backfired as my brain doesn’t work properly if I don’t work out (hence crazy thoughts non-stop to the point I was having internal argument with myself that I needed to stop thinking). This explains my week of fails.

Feeling like ‘my own worst enemy’


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