Day 29: Last Chance Write-in

The first venue for our writing-crawl (a bit like a pub crawl but with words instead of drinks) was good old’ Maccy D’s. My region’s ML sat writing towards her 100K goal, having smashed through the 50K barrier early on.  I managed to get to grips with a tricky scene at the climax of my story. I had been grappling with it  for the last three days, today I finally completed it, sending three characters to the graveyard in the process.lib

As my writing progressed over lunch,  I was still making new discoveries about my characters. Normally by now everything is pretty much locked down, it’s unusual for me this late in the process. So now I know one of my characters has links to a biker gang, while another one is on the run from a cult.


Later we went on to a pub for dinner and even more writing. Without the distractions of wi-fi, but with a lovely sea view to look at, while I contemplated my next words to finish the scene over a glass of rose.

Now with only two more scenes to complete my story, I’m having issues with the concluding chapter. One scene had been planned from a particular character’s point of view, but they decided to get themselves killed in the final showdown. I’ve also realised the ending hasn’t turned out to be as final as I expected it to be. Whether I can be bothered to write the sequel is another matter.

word-count today: 3223


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