Day 28: Rambling and Nano Contd.

After yesterday, I had some time to think about how I have got through nanowrimo this year.

While in the past I’ve written mostly in the early mornings, this year I have been so rushed and / or disorganised that I’ve ended up writing mostly after work, when my brain is just about fried. I haven’t had many properly late nights writing either. I think it was only this week off work that allowed me to get back on track and win this thing.

In contrast to previous caffeine-fuelled nanos, my coffee consumption has been way down. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Perhaps I’m just getting old and becoming over sensitive to the after-effects. This main explain why I haven’t had so many late night writing sessions this month. Fruit and herb tea really doesn’t have the same kick as a double shot of Rocket Fuel coffee and honey.

For food-fuel this year (aside from proper meals) I’ve been nibbling on cheese and crackers, grapes, toasted bagels, and the occasional bag of chocolate. Cake at write-ins is compulsory, of course.

My writing space too has altered. I used to migrate around the house; do an hour or so in bed in the morning, then write a bit in the armchair over breakfast, later on sitting at the (now defunct) computer desk or at the dining table, so as not to get cosy and start nodding off. This year I have pretty much spent my time huddled in the armchair with the laptop, a fleece blanket on my knees, our dog Fudge squashed behind me like a snoring and flatulent back-cushion, and our other dog Prince laid at my feet for use as a foot-cosy if I get cold.

I have discovered the best antidote to flagging motivation and writer’s block is doggie cuddles.

Today, a few sprints in the chat-room got me half-way through another scene. It felt as if I was crawling through mud to write those few words, as now I have already hit 50K there’s no panic to fuel the fire  and get those words out.

I need to do some research before I can make the novel into what I envision, but I am trying to push that to the back of my mind. For now my aim is to get the first draft finalised before the end of nanowrimo.

Word-count today: 945


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