DAY 26-27: More Coffee and Cake/ Victory Is Mine!

Yesterday I didn’t get so much writing done as I was busy with other stuff during the day.

Later on I popped over to Preston for the write-in, hoping some company would help me boost my flagging word-count.

With my first slice of Christmas cake for the season and a large mug of coffee, I went into a frenzy of writing. By the end of the session I had written a massive (ahem) 172 words.

Okay, so I didn’t get much writing done, but the evening still proved productive. I learned about the possible spider-repelling properties of conkers from my region’s co-ML (I will be trying this out when I find some conkers-Spiders be gone!). I also got some much needed help with my story from her husband, who suggested some great ideas for a fight scene I had been struggling with.

Today I woke up newly inspired, refreshed and ready to run the home-straight. Before setting off for the final sprint, I first had to note down some ideas for the rewrite that popped into my head. Off to a good start, I felt today would be good. Fuelled by mugs of double-strength coffee, a large bag of chocolates and a sausage sandwich, I spent the entire day writing and finally made it to 50K.

While I have technically ‘won’ nanowrimo, the work is still not over. I have a scene left to write for the chapter I am currently working on, then the final chapter with another three scenes to write. Plus I need to get as many words as possible for my region so we can be victorious in our word-war with Glasgow and Canada.

yesterday’s word-count:1023
today’s word-count: 6089
total word-count:50140


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