DAY 24-25: Caffiene Withdrawal And A Trip To Lancaster

Apologies for missing yesterday’s catch-up.

Yesterday I was suffering the after effects of too much coffee during Saturday’s/ Sunday’s fun night of writing mayhem. I had a low grade headache all day that was my body calling out for more caffeine, but I was strong and pushed through it (only having one extra coffee for the drive home). It must be my advancing age that is making me so sensitive to caffeine, in the past I could consume mugs before bedtime and fall straight asleep, with no come-back the next day.

I have been feeling so uninspired by my story. While the plot is fun, my writing isn’t. I am churning out endless filler scenes, destined for the recycle bin come editing time. Even the scenes that are supposed to be fun, feel flat and will be needing a full rewrite.

Yesterday a trip to a new writing venue (for me) at Juicafe Lancaster. Having the company of a couple of my writing buddies while I put words to the page helped motivate me to get my word-count along by another 1K. Though the break from the same-old didn’t trip-start my muse, who has been flat-lining for the last week.

Still, it’s always good to get out of the house and I feel much more revived today and ready to get through the final 10K before the end of the month. This is probably due to drinking plenty of fruit and herb teas today (instead of coffee) and eating some fruit (actual fruit; not jam doughnuts & blueberry bagels I had been counting as one of my five-a-day). Here’s hoping I get ahead by with help from my ML at the Blackpool write-in later today, where I have promised myself some cake.

wordcount yesterday:3040
word-count today:4278
total word-count:43028


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