DAY 21: Yippee It’s Friday!

I did have a fantastic(okay-ish) blog post for today, but I managed to delete it (idiot).

I’ve been doing more character interviews to pad out my story, until I get to the good stuff next week;final showdown and all that. These have given some more insight into my characters, which I may use at some point. I am ashamed to admit I asked my characters how I could make my story less rubbish, I’m not sure I’ll use their suggestions.

Alex, now deceased had a bit of a moan about being dead, then revealed he is not as innocent as I may have thought. It turns out he was dabbling with ‘dark forces’ which lead to his demise. I may put hints about this early on in the story when I come to rewrite, or it may yet come out in a ‘big reveal’.

Tanya is easily distracted, bless her. One moment she’s crying about Alex being dead, the next she’s wanting me to show the reader her trendy wardrobe and entertain them with her dance recital. I told Tanya things were going to get better to cheer her up (I may have lied), she thought I was going to resurrect Alex. … Now I’m thinking I just might…. Zombies!

Only joking, I’ve promised myself, no zombies this year, no matter how stuck I get.

todays word-count:1738


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