DAY 20: Novelling Fuel Required.

Another day with a pitifully lacking word-count. I’m have next week off work, so I’m not too worried, though it would be fantastic if I could reach 50K early.

The main reason I’ve not written much today is because (along with my usual duties)I have been busy doing the chore I hate the most; grocery shopping. It’s an annoying inconvenience, but it is a fact that our novel needs fuel (or rather our brain needs fuel to keep churning out those ideas, and our fingers need energy to keep tapping at the keyboard).

In some fantasy kingdom where pink things with snouts & curly tails fly through the sky, come November the Cooking Fairy would bestow upon me freshly cooked, delicious meal every day, and would serve me unasked with caffeinated beverages and yummy snacks so I could have plenty of time to write. Alas I have to find sustenance for myself.

Therefore my cupboards and fridge-freezer are full, whereas the current page of my scrivener document is quite empty.

word-count today:320


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