DAY 14 & 15: Death-threats With A Slice Of Cake

Sorry I didn’t stay awake to write blog yesterday. My word count did not progress as much as I hoped (around 1743 words), but I wrote something and didn’t get any further behind.

Despite my ML & co-ML playing good-cop/ bad-cop with me, I didn’t quite make it to the 18500 words I needed to evade a vampire and earn a slice of cake. So I called it a night at 18000.

As the Week 2 Blues go, this year hasn’t been too bad. While I haven’t had the burst of inspiration I felt in week 1, I have still felt motivated to write. I have been going through the motions; churning out words which I hate before they leave my mind to sully the page, writing superfluous scenes which I know will not make cut, but are all I can think of to write at the time.

Unlike previous years, I haven’t fallen out of love with my story. What I have fallen out of love with, is the story I am writing, which is nothing as exciting, well written and believable as the story which is in my head. So I have been picking at scenes around the edges, rambling about the scenery instead of getting into the action. I want to save my favourite scenes for when I’m back on my game, when I can appreciate them and do them justice.

I am now 1 day behind on my word-count. So, an extra 1667 words tomorrow? No problem!
No matter what happens there’s plenty of cake to be enjoyed.

words today:4987
total word-count:23048


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