DAY 12: Under a Vampiric Thrall

Today I have managed to write my 1667 words. I tried to go it alone at first; just me and the blank page with no internet or other distractions. I wanted to get into that fantastic heady euphoria of being completely immersed in the story, feel the characters as if they are real; that sweet place where the words seem to write themselves. With distractions of other people wanting my time, and persistent fits of coughing from some bug I picked up at work,I just couldn’t get there.

So I went back on the chat-room, which is turning out to be my salvation this month. I started out just using Timmy (the chat-bot) to set some timed word-wars/sprints for me, but soon I found myself chatting with fellow wrimos. While my writing-high never did come to pass, I got more words written and progressed the plot. Even though I felt as if I was plodding along, while others sprinted towards an early 50K, cheering them on made me more enthusiastic about my own work. Thanks to writers both local and from the other side of the Atlantic for motivation, fun and more than a pinch of craziness this afternoon.

On a darker note a Mother Of All Vampires (my ML) has set her vampire minions out to get me. 5K by the end of tonight? Ha-ha! That’s soo not happening. In my present state of mind I am quite happy to succumb to some tall dark vampire (as long as he isn’t one of those near-adolescent sparkly ones) and let him sink his pointy teeth into my neck. At least then I will have all eternity to polish my writing credentials. Plus I can bare my fangs to scare away the Evil Inner Editor who’s whispering in my ear.

1727 words today


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