DAY 11: Swimming Against The Current

After yesterday’s epic fail I had hoped to catch up at my local write-in, but sadly the veggie burger and chips did nothing to feed my inspiration.

I got home and onto the chat-room for a few word-wars. I have managed to complete yesterday’s scene, though I feel it is one of those that will end up being radically cut once I get round to editing, as much was filler.

I usually write in sequence; I feel sinful cherry-picking the most exciting scenes. Also, it can be problematic if I later deviate from the plot in earlier scenes. My characters often have a mind of their own often taking my story off on a tangent if they don’t agree with what I’ve planned out for them. Which is both exciting and annoying when I have to alter things to fit in with the new direction the story has taken, or to try and get back on my original plot line.

So, yesterday I was feeling a little uninspired so thought I would write a later scene (or earlier as it was planned as a flash-back) to change things up a gear. It didn’t turn out to be as fun to write as I had expected, so I am back to my usual strategy.

1458 words today


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