Day 3: Where LIFE starts to meddle with my novelling.

Until gone 7pm this evening my day’s word-count was at zero.

While I have been busy all day; walking the dogs and doing housework; doing a day’s work at the office, getting shopping on the walk home, preparing dinner; I have been thinking about writing and all of the words I could have created instead of wasting my time with all the mundane ‘stuff’.

Finally I managed to sit myself down and get some words in. At first I felt unmotivated, I thought about listening to some music to inspire me, but finding something suitable could take a while and I was in danger of procrastination. In the end I decided to log on to the Nanowrimo chatroom.

Even when there isn’t much conversation going on, just knowing you are not alone and that there are other people out there typing away, aiming for the same goal, encourages you to get stuck in. If they’re managing to do it; often beating more than twice your word-count, and still fitting in all that other mundane ‘stuff’ then so can you.

I have now reached the first milestone of 5K. Later than I had intended (I need to get ahead as I have my Granddaughter to stay this weekend), but I am back on target for today at least.

Todays word-count: 1697words
(5136 words total)


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