Day 2: Meetups and getting off to a good start.

Yesterday I attended our region’s first official write-in of November 2014. For a good few years the venue; a local pub, has allowed us to invade with our laptops and insanity during the month of November.

It was great to meet up with regulars and some new faces too. You can identify the Nano-veterans by the fact that they are already showing signs of insanity this early on in the month; going off on random tangents mid conversation, fanatical pep-talks rallying others to join, and talking about their characters as if they are real people and have a free will of their own (as my characters are in the habit of doing).

At this early stage of Nanowrimo our novels are like new shoots; fragile things that need to be nurtured and gently encouraged to grow. With our muses nourished with plenty of drink and good food (cake please), we did some writing to coax our word-counts towards the first daily target of 1667 words. While it is a good idea to get a head start, this is not the stage to be forcing your novel. You are in this for the long-haul, and need to reserve strength and will-power to see you through to the end of the month.

Meeting up with fellow writers is great for sharing inspiration, getting solutions to any sticking points in your plot, discussing ways around real-life commitments that might eat into novel-ing time during month, or finding an unwanted to character to adopt. Often just having someone as a sounding board helps clarify your thoughts.

Nanowrimo is all about community. Having a group of like-minded people to cheer on, give you support when you’re feeling down, and celebrate success, is what gets you through.

Word-count (so far today) 3439 words.


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